Breakfast porch

Croissants & pistolets

All breadrolls come directly out of our own oven in our French bakery & p√Ętisserie 'Le Broutteux'. After 4 generations this bakery is still a daily visit for both locals as well as leisure travelers.

The garden

A nice morning where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast is essential during your stay. If the weather permits, you can have breakfast in the garden.


In our beliefs, variation is the most healthy diet. That's why we always have homemade yogurt, granola, cereal, gingerbread, variety of bread slices, fruit, ham, cheese, jam, honey, butter, chocolate, coffee, tea, orange juice, and much more.


A luncheon is always available in our coffee house Le Broutteux. It is possible to have some sandwiches, spaghetti, salads, soup, ... and many more homemade treats.